Our Origin Story

It all started with a vision. And then three years of being cultivated in the secret place, before a glorious emerging from beneath the surface. Diamond Block began as a seedling idea in a journal, and has evolved as the chiseling process has taken place.


A divine download given one morning in July of 2015 went into Founder Melissa Huisman’s back pocket as she marched forward in her 9-to-5 job, chalking it up to something she would pursue “later in life”. Though it nagged at her from time-to-time, the idea wouldn’t resurface again until early 2017, when she began dreaming about her future in the midst of a tough season. From that secret place, that little diamond took shape and began to whisper to Melissa –– telling her that emergence was just around the bend.

After months of considering this “crazy little gem of an idea”, she decided it was time to take the jump and leave her full-time job. In April of 2017, Melissa officially started Diamond Block upon her job exit. What she couldn’t have known then? That her own potential would be fiercely cultivated through the journey to launching Diamond Block out into the world.

The first 18 months of Diamond Block entailed collaborating with over 20 incredible clients, experimenting with services and offerings, and learning, learning, learning! Also, and maybe most importantly, Melissa grew as a leader and a human through the process of building a business from the ground up as a one-woman shop.

Built on the core values of community over competition, deep trust in the process, working from a place of rest, and the beauty of divine alignment, Diamond Block came to life in a counter-cultural way, challenging the norms of what being successful in the creative world has to look like.

In November of 2018, Diamond Block was finally launched out into the world, ready to shine bright. And now, here we are –– ready to meet you where you’re at, no matter if it’s the hard, dark, secret place, or the ready-to-shine-for-all-to-see kind of place. It’s all about the process anyways, so let’s dig in.


Watch this + get inspired

+ Filmed at our Launch Party in 2018, Diamond Block Founder Melissa Huisman shares the vision + story of how Diamond Block came to be

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About Melissa

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A multi-faceted creative, Melissa is an artist at heart, with a breadth and depth of experiences, both personally and professionally. Her passion for seeing the potential within people and ideas come to fruition drives her to make meaningful connections and pursue growth at all costs.

With creative experience in graphic and web design, art direction, copywriting, branding, marketing, all things social media, coaching + consulting, photography, public relations, and music, she considers herself a ‘unicorn’ (or maybe just crazy gal) who is only satisfied when she’s working on multiple projects at once.

Hailing originally from Ames, Iowa, she made her way to Austin, Texas where she is currently based, by way of College Station (gig 'em). Melissa's got a Bachelor's in Marketing from Texas A&M University and a Master's in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin (Texas Creative grad).

Current projects include sharing her perspective through her blog It’s Melissa Kay, building Diamond Block from the ground up, and honing her musical skills as a worship leader + musician, but formerly, she founded Songs in the Sitting Room, and served as Creative Brand Manager at Sock Club

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